Suspicious linkage between Biden’s razor-thin victory and turnover hike in 7 swing states

Many have doubts on 2020 US presidential election. I am one of those.  Especially, the election outcomes from the following 7 states are very strange.

Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Nevada and Arizona.


In those states, the election outcome was largely in favor of Biden.  I noticed 5 out of 7 states have Democrat governors.  Now I have two fundamental doubts.

・The margin is strangely small (4 out of 7 states are zero point something pc) 

・Turnover is strangely higher

I call them “suspicious- 7” states.


When I look at other 3 swing states won by Trump.  All have republican governors.

Florida, Ohio and Iowa


Unlike Biden’s razor-thin victory in 7 states, here the margin is comfortably large (3-8%),

I call them “Trump – 3” states.


In 2020 election, the turnover (compared with VEP – Voting Eligible Population) of Suspicious-7  is dramatically higher compared with previous elections.


The turnover of  Trump-3 states improved but not as high as Suspicious-7.


In Suspicious-7, the turnover jumped 12.08% in 2020 election compared with 2016.
In Trump-3, the turnover increase is just 8.19% in the same period.



When I combine the two key facts – “razor-thin Biden’s victory” and “sudden hike in turnover”, one hypothesis comes out of my head,

・Someone who wants Biden’s win may have done some electronic operation in some of suspicious-7 states in a way that “when Trump leads, calculate and add optimal number of Biden’s vote during postal vote counting after election date so that Biden can overtake Trump at very last minute, with very small margin”.

・The addition of Biden’s vote reflects higher turnover rate in those states.


I created a simple, real-life scenario


・At 70% votes counted, Trump leads Biden by 5% (Trump 52.5% vs Biden 47.5%)
・At 99% votes counted, Biden flips and he leads Trump by 0.6% (Biden 50.3% vs Trump 49.7) and declare victory. 
・The electronic operation keeps adding Biden’s vote when 70 – 99% votes counted, based on Trump’s vote pace is unchanged.


I took the State of Michigan for an example. I discovered that the above scenario can be achieved with 4.02 more per cent of turnover.   If the same operation is invoked from earlier stages, then turnover increase is even smaller.


In 2020 election, the State of Michigan recorded historic high of 73.79% turnover, It was just 64.67% in 2016.  If we assume the Michigan’s natural turnover is 69.77% and artificially inflated to 73.79%, we can explain all scenarios.


I am not sure if this scenario is really happening (I hope not).

If this really is the case, I am afraid physical recount of paper votes may not work in favor of Trump, his team needs to look at voting software and its behavior.


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