Mercedes driving in California

Hi all,

I am in California now. I do not have Japanese environment in PCs so this time I write in English.

I can read Japanese in my PC so please feel free to write comments in Japanese.

On my arrival at San Fransisco airport, I went to Hertz rentacar. They offered me a deal of “Mercedes Benz” with “car navigation system” with reasonable costs.

The deal was very attractive to me, as I never drove Mercedes in my entire life. Without doubt I took on their offer.

Wow it was Mercedes!!!

Manachanブログ - 世界で不動産を買おう!

Manachanブログ - 世界で不動産を買おう!

Having said that, my driving experiences were quite different from what I have originally imagined.

The acceleration was not that impressive. I had to step hard on the pedal, take some time before it gains speed.

The local traffic was very fast, people drives 70-80 mph (120 – 130 km/h) in San Francisco highways and it was not easy to keep up the speed with my Mercedes.

Overall, I felt as if I was driving “Toyota Corolla” or “Honda Fit” or something like..Plus, the car navigation system was crappy, very hard to use.

But I enjoyed driving in Northern California, with my colleagues from Japan.

San Francisco downtown was beautiful!

Manachanブログ - 世界で不動産を買おう!

Sausalito – Relaxing at San Francisco Bay

Manachanブログ - 世界で不動産を買おう!

Napa Valley – wine tour was really great!

Manachanブログ - 世界で不動産を買おう!

Manachanブログ - 世界で不動産を買おう!


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